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  2. Blythe, you don’t know me, but I am in your ward and actually live down the street. I just want to say what an amazing young lady you are. Your story truly humbled me and I am stneegthrned by your faith and example. As a mother of 2 I now know that I don’t know what it means to have no energy. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Tom, reading your post on the eve of July 4th Independence Day gives good pause for reflection and thanksgiving for our country. I appreciate your far-away perspective. I hope you don’t set off too many firecrackers!!! — Marvin Eckfeldt

  4. Ines, I haven't read Alyssa's book but I enjoyed the glimpse you gave me into it — got a kick out of hearing that many perfume bloggers are petite women (perhaps perfume gives us the sense of height and presence we are longing for!).The way you ended your book review is so lovely. Within that paragraph is the secret of life; it seems so simple … so how is it that we get ourselves off track and forget? (Or maybe I should say, how is it that I do?)

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  6. I lived a couple blocks from Moss’ garage when he was on Venice Blvd. in the mid-50s. I recall it as modest and dark…the sort of location the place you would expect a dirt floor. I accustomed to see his parts truck…MG cum pickup. Later I bought a made use of TD. Kept it for several a long time until I blew the motor twice. (At the time, the latest crank was $90.)

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  8. Happy to see this Eva. Lovely images!like you photography balances me out totally. I love just shutting everything out and just concentrating on my setting up my motive and then thinking about the images. Lovely!

  9. Bonjour Sara, merci pour cette douceur matinale. Je reviens vers toi pour te demander quel est l’appareil photo que tu utilise et ses objectifs car je dois m’acheter un nouvel appareil et je recherche des informations. Je te remercie d’avance pour ta réponse !J’attends avec impatience le tuto du coussin ;^)

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  11. Adam,I visited Cinque Terre in July 2010, and your photographs bring back wonderful memories and make me want to return for more hiking. (It was an especially hot day when we arrived with ambitions of hiking through all the towns, but eventually the 90+ degree heat got to us, and we rode the train.) Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hei Randi!Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar pÃ¥ boggen min! jeg hørte snakk om bloggen din pÃ¥ strikkekafe`pÃ¥ Stjørdalen. Det var snakk om at du hadde laget deg en flott, ny blogg. Og er var jammen sant! Kjempekoselig her inne. Og jeg linker deg!Blir litt fortvilet nÃ¥r jeg ser Cherry-skjerfet.Mitt ble vasket pÃ¥ 60 grader, sÃ¥ det er deffinitivt ikke mykt og godt alpakkagarn lengre. Det er forresten kastet…..Ønsker deg en flott dag! HÃ¥per vi kan møtes pÃ¥ strikkekafe`en gang!

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  16. Man…. its amazing that even the MRT has now become something heritage. Its really scary isn’t it? How time flies so quickly and before you know it, wham, bam and you are six feet under… Shudder…Speaking of scary, I am sure all of you would have heard about Bishan or Novena MRT stations and their haunting claims to fame right?

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  21. Your mother / I loved the story about your evening and the wine , I myself am not a wine drinker( I like the hard stuff)but after reading how good your wine was I just might become a wine drinker. I will love your web site because I love you but, also because you make it all so interesting to read about and the fun things you get to do in your great life in Tulsa. I love you!!!!!!!

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  33. It is a while since we happened to see Damien Welch dance on one of our subscription nights, but always he is the complete professional and able to ‘do’ all moves and moods required. I am old enough to have loved watching his parents perform in the fledgling AB as well.

  34. Man kan ju inte ta mansrättsfolket pÃ¥ det minsta allvar eftersom de bara ser till sin egen profilfrÃ¥ga. Det är däremot lätt glömma bort att avdammandet av begreppet och fixeringen vid att stämpla den utsatte som just ett brottsoffer politiskt sett är ganska ny och har tydliga kopplingar till konservatism, medelklassifiering, gated communities, hÃ¥rdare tag och “rättstrygghet”…

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  40. The sad thing is, we have a flying analogue in every other animal classification (fish, birds, mammals), but no flying reptiles (not gliders). We lost our flying reptiles a long time ago. So we really don't have anything to compare them to.

  41. Spännande..! Jag kör pÃ¥ "ingen förberdelse alls"-upplägget… hrrm! NädÃ¥, en viss mental laddning sker sÃ¥klart. När startar du? Kan vi ses där tror du? Eller kanske efter mÃ¥lgÃ¥ng… men jag gÃ¥r väl i mÃ¥l mkt senare än du, dels startar jag senare (13.30 ca) och tar lÃ¥ng tid pÃ¥ mig :)

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  59. Oh My this is just up my alley!!! Or tree!!! I love applique and love using wool for it. I like all of them but would go with the longer one and add a few more birds or maybe a butterfly to two!!! Thanks for the chance to see your block and the chance to win a copy of the book and a cute mug!!

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